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Monday, April 25, 2005

USA publication of a Japanese Book


Basic Crochet and Knit
By Ondori Publishing Company
Ok, so the doll on the cover has to be one of the scariest covers for a craft book I have ever seen. Why on earth would they have that doll on the cover really confuses me. It is cute she is knitting, but there are so many other cute things that could have been used.

This book is amazing. One thing that has always confused me is how to read the charts and what do all the symbols mean for crochet and knitting. This book breaks it down to two columns. The first one is the symbol, the second column is three diagrams how to do the stitch. Simple, clear, and nicely illustrated. Pinku had read several good reviews about the title and I have to agree. It is a great resource for reading charts. She also recommended this site for helping read Japanese patterns. Thanks so much Pinku.

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